Due to the Covid Restrictions:

We currently have no open mic.

We are a songwriter venue.
All music played here is original NO COVERS.
Our shows consist of Songwriters playing "in the round".

Please preview our past shows.  They can be seen by clicking the links to Facebook from our homepage and going to the video portion.

Playing Our Show:

TUESDAY rounds are put together by Jimmy. 

Performers who are new to our shows can often get a chance to play Tuesday.


Our weekend (FRIDAY and SATURDAY) rounds are scheduled with artists who have played our shows, and have a local following.  

The Weekend rounds are given to one songwriter who then is allowed to invite two other songwriters to fill the round with them. They rounds run for approximately 50 minutes.

This is a great place to network. Get to know other performers!

This is Nashville. Music is a business. Meet others that are in the business


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